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The Perfect Storm in Education

The Coming Perfect Storm in Education (.mov file) (via Smartmobs)…the presentation itself is not that involved, but the image of the formation of a perfect storm in education is excellent. The combination of open source technology, open education (opencourse ware), changing relationships between experts and end-users (i.e. user-created content, two-way flow of information), changing context and characteristics of knowledge (speed of development, complexity, rise of the individual, representation in various media formats, etc.), and socially-based technologies are placing tremendous pressure on education. I’m not prepared to write-off the structures of education (or obliterate the role of the teacher)…but I’m convinced that we will see some dramatic (and exciting) changes within the next decade. The change that has developed progressively in many areas of society (look at how much businesses – and society – have evolved…while our learning institutions remain largely unchanged) will wash rapidly over education.