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Future of Learning

As Elliot Masie’s conference approaches, he is once again putting out some great interviews and resources for learning professionals (he has the “give it away to get them” aspect of internet-age marketing down pat). He recently posted a recording of learning trends …using Articulate’s new tool Engage (I’ve been using it for some personal courses…and will post a few modules over the next week or so). I don’t agree with everything Elliot states in his presentation. We are socially trailing behind technological possibilities (most people use MS Word to type letters/essay/reports…and use a fraction of what the tool is capable of doing – the technology runs ahead of what we are willing to invest to learn it, and to integrate with our lives). So while it may be possible to have advanced performance support, or context-aware resources, I think we are close to a “I’ve had enough” stage. Over the next few years, we’ll see a progressive rise in those who counsel others to not do more…but to do less and stay human in the process. My other small crticism – the internet is visual. A text-based, long lecture approach used is not as effective as more visuals…or shorter slides with more rapid transitions (I get called on that everytime I post a presentation with Articulate…it’s different when you’re the listener vs. speaker :) ).