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E-Mail is for Old People

Educators are still trying to figure out this whole social networking thing – E-Mail is for Old People: “A 2005 report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project called “Teens and Technology” found that teenagers preferred new technology, like instant messaging or text messaging, for talking to friends and use e-mail to communicate with “old people.” Along the same lines, students interviewed for this article say they still depend on e-mail to communicate with their professors. But many of the students say they would rather send text messages to friends, to reach them wherever they are, than send e-mail messages that might not be seen until hours later.”
So, in response, the college listed in the article decides to use Myspace as an additional tool in dialoguing with students. Results have been positive. When we stop asking students to come to our space and use our tools, we start seeing progress (imagine if the internet required different computers to access different websites…why do we expect that when students encounter our learning materials? Instead of an LMS, our content should come to the student in their native environment (blogs, wikis, social networking tools, iPods, whatever)).