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Words of Wisdom vs. Words From Our Sponsor

Words of Wisdom vs. Words From Our Sponsor: “Textbooks used in the classroom are, like the instructors themselves, extensions of a university’s autonomy and no more likely to be considered an appropriate place for corporate ads than the classroom lectern (or the instructor’s forehead).”
In-school advertising is not new. We see it in the soft drink machines in the hallway, the sports score boards, and the external school signs. Corporations know that schools are a lucrative market for creating a life of brand loyalty. Ads in textbooks (or more specifically, e-texts) are a fairly natural extension (one that doesn’t sit well with me, I might add). Personally, I think tecnology is at the point where educators can form according to disciplines, create a wiki, write it with other colleagues, publish in a physical text with, and gain control over their own content (and in the process, earn a few extra dollars :) ). Visioin, not technology is our limiting factor.