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How To Manage A Virtual Workforce

I’ve been following conversation in an online forum on the impact of the “coming” flu pandemic…and the role of knowledge management in the crisis. (side note: very few disciplines have been more unable to generate value for their discipline than adherents to some view of knowledge management. In concept, knowledge management is the critical science/activity of our generation (when seen as a component to learning processes). For some reason, those involved have been unable to successfully speak the language of business and implementation. Instead, they spend time drawing elaborate diagrams and defining procedures that are at best tenuous in theory; and a nightmare in implementation).
Regardless, the workforce is becoming distributed. We don’t need a flu pandemic to make it a reality.How To Manage A Virtual Workforce: “But as the virtual workforce grows, so do the managerial headaches. Many employees who work virtually say they frequently feel isolated and don’t know if they’re valued by their companies. Others say they don’t feel like they’re part of a team.”