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Global Competition

I spend most of my time in this forum discussing trends that will influence learning. We are in an environment where the cycle of new idea penetration is very rapid. I don’t have precise statistics, only personal observation, but the adoption of blogs/wikis/LMS in education has occurred within a 4 – 5 year timeframe. TV\VCR adoption took decades. Computers took at least a decade. Good ideas flow rapidly through a networked world. As educators, much of our task is to prepare individuals for the world. Part of that challenge is to prepare learners to function in work environments. The practical reality of the global change is creating a new environment with new competition. Our greatest learning challenge is not to teach people “how to do” or “how to know”. Our challenge is to teach people how to innovate and transform themselves and their organizations. Emerging Giants : “A new breed of ambitious multinational is rising on the world scene, presenting both challenges and opportunities for established global players.”