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Downes on Subjectivity/objectivity

Stephen has posted an article in response to my recent assertion that certain elements are in themselves objective: Networks – Revisiting Objective/Subjective… “But, in opposition, I would say that seeing something as a network is a way of seeing something. That something may be seen as a network in the same way that it may be seen as a pebble.”
While there is a very slim chance that either of us will change our minds on this (there is simply too much “behind the scenes” thinking that has to go on before we can really get to agreement – in a sense, and I often find this in high level, abstract discussions, we need to agree on thousands of small points, before we can come to a final, complete understanding – assuming of course, that this is even possible). I will post a reply to Stephen shortly (life’s a bit busy this week), but for now, I will simply state (wisdom from coffee conversation with Steve Yurkiw), that a book itself does not cease to be a book because we are looking at a single page. In a similar sense, an entity does not cease to be whole simply because we acknowledge it’s nuances. Regardless, I enjoy dialogue and challenge to my thinking – more learning happens here than in most anything I do.