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Paying Attention

An interesting exploration of what it means to “exist” in a progressively online world (the statement “I can be Googled therefore I am” is interesting)…I’m not sure I completely subscribe to the utilitarian notions of being online (to gain attention) – I blog primarily to capture thoughts, ideas, and to learn through reflection on the work of others. Paying Attention: “In a world of attention scarcity, we will not continue to receive attention unless we earn that right. If we do not receive attention, we risk becoming progressively marginalized. Receiving attention becomes far more important than it ever was and will require far more effort than in the past. ”

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  1. Research on Digital Natives

    Okay, so last week I asked the question Do Digital Natives Exist?  I see that my colleague in this Blogtrack, Rick West, has taken up the challenge and tried to answer that question – see Digital Natives: Response to Michael.
    Rick takes an interesting…

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