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Personal Knowledge Management Tools Ready For Enterprise Use

In principle, I agree with (and advocate for) the concepts expressed in this article: Personal Knowledge Management Tools Ready For Enterprise Use: “Be it wikis, weblogs, messaging systems or new forms of publishing, personal knowledge management has taken content into new enterprise environments that attract people who want to share information effectively for profit with the ease that people doing it for fun on the Web enjoy. When anyone from any enterprise could be a part of this collaborative publishing environment it’s time for publishers to examine more closely how their content can be central to these highly productive user/publishers.”
The challenge, however, is that not everyone is a blogger…and not everyone wants to share their information. Information sharing is more a function of culture than strategy. And culture is very difficult to change. While the hype about blogs in the enterprise grows, I think we are not yet at a position of large scale change. Like Will Richardson mentioned on a recent panel, if it doesn’t hurt enough, we won’t change. Blogs and wikis are small (although needed) challenges to existing organizational structure and processes. Much, much more is needed before we’ll see large scale transformations.

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  1. cindy wrote:

    Hello George,

    I am happy to read finally someone, that is you, mentioned 1) not every have a blog or want to have a blog 2) culture dictates our behaviour.

    While one might be forced to have a blog (in enterprice environment), but how is enterprice ‘enforced’ blogger blogs is my question. Secondly if a person is forced to blog, how would the quality of the content be?

    Language is part of culture. In a global environment where English seems to be the dominant working language, one would find people whoes mother tongue is not English might face added burden. We must also realize internet tools are mostly text tool. Writing is a different skills from talking. While podcasting might seems to patch the deficiencies of text tools, not everyone can sit (or jog!) and listen to lengthy audio without wondering off mentally.

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