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What makes edublogges tick?

Christopher Sessum continues to be an active blogger offering excellent insight into the changing nature of learning and technology. In a recent post (What makes edubloggers tick?) he explores why educators blog: “Blogging is a way for me to test my ideas out…I think what I love best about blogging is that it allows me to peer into the thought processes of others.”. I personally blog to learn. The few minutes spent reflecting on an article or concept creates a deeper level of learning than is typically associated with skimming and reading. Additionally, it allows me to move into a dialogue with peers. This dialogue is not always direct – i.e. we aren’t talking to each other or commenting on each other’s blogs. Instead, we have parallel conversations where we read and reflect on ideas and formulate our own responses. For me, blogging is my primary tool for making sense of what is happening in the educational and technological spaces.