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Are kids too plugged in?

Are kids too plugged in?: “…how are these multitasking devices changing how kids learn, reason and interact with one another?
Social scientists and educators are just beginning to tackle these questions, but the researchers already have some strong opinions. Although multitasking kids may be better prepared in some ways for today’s frenzied workplace, many cognitive scientists are positively alarmed by the trend.”
It’s certainly not unusual for the current generation to lament the habits and activities of the generation that follows. I find that the proliferation of digital devices is very much a double-edged sword – we can be more productive, but we eviscerate reflective thinking in the process. I watch my son playing PS2, Gameboy, computers, watching a portable DVD, etc. The constants in his day: eating, sleeping, breathing, interacting with digital appliances. While we have guidelines for what is appropriate (in terms of time), the pull of constant distraction is intense. Still, as a parent and educator, I don’t always know the right balance between technology and life activities as I experienced them in my youth.

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  1. Yes, this is really a doublde-edged-sword and in India too I can see this trend. Nice post…


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