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elearning 2.0

Stephen’s latest presentation is mostly a refresher of his previous work. He begins by exploring the changing nature of the web, resource profiles, blogs, aggregation, and networks. One comment toward the end of the presentation caught my attention: “The network is connected and interactive (not integrated).” I’ve stated in the past that I’m a big supporter of loose connections. For online spaces, especially for newcomers to the tech/learning space, integration of tool functionality (i.e. centering agent) is quite valuable for promoting adoption. Even at this level, the question becomes one of keeping openness, while promoting ease of use. Even now, tools like SuperGlu are providing the potential for integrating various sources into one space. I like the notion of openness and connectedness…however, I’m quite sure we will see (in the near future) a continual progression of integrated tools. For newcomers to the space, this will be welcomed. For those who have cobbled together their own “centering agent”, this integration will be limiting.