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Mashing up your aggregator

Mashing up your aggregator: “I realized that the aggregator needs to extend beyond the box of a single tool.”
Comment: Bloggers are still a fairly small aspect of the information space. Smaller still are those who read blogs via an aggregator. An aggregator (in very simple terms) is a software tool that automatically visits blogs (or other sites) and pulls in any new information on the site (or changes since the last visit). It’s a great way to keep track of numerous resources without wasting time visiting sites that haven’t changed. I use bloglines – a web-based service. My aggregator has become a second browser – I learn more through my aggregator than I do through any other digital device (take that Google!). While I value its simplicity, I would like more functionality – like quality tagging, social bookmarking, long-term storage of information, information rating, etc. I would like my aggregator to extend beyond simple information acquisition, and become more central to other areas of my personal learning network (not only blog reading).