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Personal Learning Environments

Several edu-bloggers have been exploring Personal (Virtual) Learning Environments in relation to Learning Management Systems. Terry Anderson details the advantages and disadvantages of both PLEs and LMS…James Farmer chimes in with his thoughts on the architecture (i.e. how this should work) of a PLE. I really believe that over the next several years we will see significant change in how we teach with technology. I believe that an LMS of some type will be part of the process, but not the center. I believe that the end-user will gain greater control over their identity and their content (eportfolio system). I believe that learning will continue to be acknowledged as a social process (blogs, podcasts, networks), we will make some progress transforming (not only transferring) learning from classrooms to online/blended, the aggregation of the many will be a key component in shaping our shared understanding, and networks of connections and content will tie the whole thing together. Many of the individual pieces are available – unfortunately, too much of the conversation seeks to exclude either LMS’ or PLEs. Acknowledging the multiple domains of learning, and then selecting the right tool for the right task, is a starting point we still often skip.