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New tools for filtering content

The value of content/information/knowledge is amplified when aggregated. This is a defining aspect of learning in complex ecologies. As fields become more complex, no one person can know it all. The complete picture is held in the viewpoints of all participants in the space. To “know” in this culture requires forming connection between the numerous elements (hence, the notion that the network is the learning…and that learning is something that doesn’t reside only in our minds – it actually exists within the networks we construct between people and content sources).
Squidoo is an example of a tool that acknowledges “everyone’s an expert on something”. Simply, it’s a tool that allows users to build a “lens” that filters/aggregates content from numerous sources (RSS, technorati, flickr). The aggregation of these resources provides a lens or way of viewing a field.
These types of tools fall into two categories: social networking tools that create connections with people, and tools like squidoo/aggregators which aggregate content. I think we are at the beginning stages of these types of tools…and we’ll continue to see social networking and content aggregation tools merge.