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elearning vs. knowledge management

elearning vs. knowledge management: “eLearning could be a cornerstone of knowledge management but most elearning companies have failed to master the basic theory and practice of knowledge management. They not only cannot intelligently speak about knowledge management practice from a marketing perspective, they dont even have a coherent internal understanding of knowledge management or a serious knowledge management strategy of their own. Nor can they speak the language of business results other than in terms of ROI (return on investment), completely missing the huge strategic impact of intangibles and intellectual capital measures.”

um…ok, whatever. No idea why I link to this, other than to criticize it. Any view that doesn’t acknowledge that KM is a learning process is flawed. It’s all about learning – KM, information management, elearning, performance support, content management, etc. KM is not a thing to itself. It’s a tool for organizational learning (and, as a by product, organizational effectiveness or capacity to achieve intended goals/strategies). Those who over-hyped KM (and made a valuable concept largely meaningless) fail to understand that KM was never about managing knowledge. It was, and still is, about achieving other goals. It’s a means.