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Preserving Knowledge in an Uncertain World

Preserving Knowledge in an Uncertain World – explores how social and knowledge networks are impacted when employees leave an organization. Unfortunately, the proposed solutions to the problem seem weak (paying bonuses, recording knowledge of leaving workers, etc). If I were charged with preserving the knowledge assets (I don’t like that term) of a company, I would adopt a multi-faceted approach (dialogue/storytelling, content management, network analysis) that accounted for the different domains of knowledge…but most importantly, provided tools for those interested in sharing what they know (i.e. blogs, wikis). If a certain percentage of the workforce is eager to share their knowledge…target them first. Begin altering the culture with those who will participate. It all begins with provision of tools, the creation of an environment, and targeting the right participants. Make knowledge management a part of the daily process of how people work/live. If it’s an “other than how I do it” process, it requires far more effort to achieve even minimal results.