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Driven to distraction by technology

Socially, most of us adapt at a slower pace than technology develops. Even if we begin using new tools, the social/work/personal implications lag behind. Growing stress over information overload is an indication of this. Productivity experts are advocating the importance of “compartmentizing” tasks (i.e. read email only twice a day, turn of IM software). I think life/work/technology balance is a very personal experience. Ultimately, technology should enable, not squelch, productivity. Driven to distraction by technology: “For years, technology has worked to get people more connected. In the office there’s e-mail, instant messages and the phone. On the road, cell phones and BlackBerrys enable workers to stay in touch with colleagues.

There is a mini rebellion under way, however. Desperate for some quiet time to think, people are coming up with low-tech strategies to get away from all their technology.”