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Personal Digital Libraries

Call them what you will – eportfolios or personal digital libraries: “People are capturing and storing an ever-increasing amount of digital information about or for themselves, including emails, documents, articles, portfolios of work, digital images, and audio and video recordings. Computer processing, storage, and software tools available to individuals are increasing in power, volume, and ease of use, year on year. Many issues arise from this more informal and increasingly empowered landscape of personal collection, dissemination, and digital memory, which will have major future impacts.”
Our ability to manage and access our own digital resources (and as an extension, our learning). We are still largely shaped by the schema of our physical realm. We think that knowledge and resources must exist “somewhere”. Yet as digital tools develop, knowledge (information is probably a more accurate term) can exist where it is needed and used. Instead of a library, we carry information (and access to information) with us where ever we go. Most importantly, it is a combination of public information (i.e. like the internet or public library) and personal information and reflection. It’s like going into a library and being able to mark up books with personal comments and reflections. There is much hype around eportfolios currently…and for a good reason. Eportfolios are a very practical user-centered tool for learning. They will grow at incredible rates over the next few years.