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Paradigms in elearning

Paradigms in E-Learning: “…the traditional model of online learning contains enough vestiges of traditional classroom and distance learning that it is tempting…to begin to think that there’s nothing really new happening here, that the use of computer technology does not really introduce any new affordances, doesn’t really force us to reconceptualize what it is that we are doing, doesn’t really offer, indeed, an alternative to what has gone before.”
Comment: I think we are quite close to a reorganization of both learning and learning delivery models (i.e. classrooms). Lately, I’ve had several engaging conversations on the subject of how elearning is poised to break out of its current image. The issue isn’t technology, as is often assumed. The real issue is that the world has changed, and at this point, technology-enabled learning most closely matches those changes. Rapid knowledge development requires a flexible and adaptive design and delivery model. Classrooms certainly have a role, but they need to be augmented/adjusted to reflect information flow. Again, it has nothing to do with technology or classrooms – it has to do with people being able to function in a similar manner and pace as the climate in which they live and work. Our existing educational models are creaking the weight of rapid change in the surrounding environment.