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Course Management: Ready for Prime Time

Course Management: Ready for Prime Time: “There’s little argument about the proposition that course management systems, or learning management systems, have become mandatory applications at institutions of higher education these days.”
Comment: I have my issues with learning management systems…not because the concept isn’t valuable, but because the implementation is typically instructor/institution focused. The ways in which learners learn today are often not reflected in these systems. Due to that deficiency, I’ve advocated a more ad hoc approach of “connected specialization” (i.e. using specific task-based tools to create learning networks as compared to learning silos). With that said, this article does provide an accurate reflection of what exists in the LMS world today. WebCT, Blackboard, Sakai, and Jenzabar are presented. For an alternative view on the centrality of LMS’ in learning: From Course Management to Curricular Capabilities: “The genetic weakness of the contemporary CMS stems from its uncritical acceptance of the traditional features of the classroom model.”