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Exploding Radio

Exploding Radio: “Music, TV, film, news and even advertising are being transformed by an explosion of variety and availability as the traditional bottlenecks of distribution fall. This month in Wired we focused on radio, where the combination of satellite, streaming, digital broadcast, radio TiVo, and podcasting is doing the same.”
Comment: I’m intrigued by the occurrences in radio, music, movies, and media industries. The field of education will eventually (is already experiencing?) experience many of the same pressures these industries are facing. I’m not convinced that those who ring the death bell for those traditional fields are correct. I think we’ll see a progressive transformation as new leaders emerge in music and media…transforming themselves to meet the opportunities of a new environment.

I’ve been following online discussions on what is happening to the newspaper industry. Consumers are finding alternative sources of information, classified ads are dwindling. While answers haven’t been found yet, the industry is at least starting to awaken to the new reality that surrounds them. Why didn’t they notice it sooner (there was certainly enough online dialogue predicting the current state)? Why is the field of education making the same mistakes made by music, movie, and media?