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eportfolio challenges

David Tosh and company continue to work on theirLearning Landscape model. A personal online presence is getting to be almost critical in many circles. Challenges remain: transferring info from one system to another, security, connecting with less formal projects (blogs and wikis – as stand alone tools, not aggregated services), educating users on potential use, university hosted vs. personal hosted (to ensure life long access), etc. I like their model. I’m excited by what is coming out of eportfolio projects (Elgg in particular) – they seem to be aware of how learning has changed (definitely more aware than most academic institutions). The connection of work, academic activities, and community is a beginning. To be successful, however, these projects will need to incorporate the complexities of how we use and communicate what we know…but they’ll have to do it through a simple process, as many of the users will not be tech-savvy.

See also this graphic on the “future VLE” (virtual learning environment)