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If you haven’t heard of BitTorrent yet, you will over the next few months/year. BitTorrent is basically a file-sharing protocol…files are hosted on various computers so content access is decentralized, resulting in an efficient means to deliver large files (see this basic intro). BitTorrent gained quite a bit of attention recently with the announcement that it was responsible for 35% of internet traffic. It’s also growing in use for for illegal downloading of music/movies/games – a fact that is gaining attention from MPAA. As this article mentions, the movie industry is following the same path as the recording industry did with Napster – kill one part of the system, dozens spring up to replace it. i-Tunes has proven that people will pay for digital content if the option exists. Understanding the needs of the end user…and providing a product to meet those needs is the answer. Unfortunately, MPAA will follow the same “sue them” path that RIAA did. Great way to treat your customers. Why not give them what they want instead?