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Leaders Blogging

Some significant blogging news: As many readers are aware, I’m an instructor at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). Several years ago, in my blogging enthusiasm, I tried to initiate a culture of blogging to encourage knowledge sharing. It failed (in the sense that I couldn’t convince anyone to start blogging). Recently, RRC hired a new President – Jeff Zabudsky. I’m pleased that he has taken up blogging as a means of communicating with college staff: his blog, the RSS feed. I think it’s an excellent way of compressing organizational knowledge flow (and adding a backflow dimension). Thankfully, openness is becoming a more common occurrence in business and society. I believe the defining trait of our generation is openness…not information/knowledge expansion.

I’m not aware of any other president of a large academic institution (RRC has 32,000 enrolments) who is blogging – are you? I’ve opened comments…please leave information on any academic leaders who you know of that blog.


  1. Leaders Blogging

    Maybe I have not been wasting my time with all this blogging???? elearnspace: Leaders Blogging…

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  2. jamieb wrote:

    Don’t know of any who are blogging but am sending this to my boss in the hope of influencing him. One of our society’s “big” issues is around capturing tacit knowledge… Hey, wait a minute, perhaps I should do as I say also lol

    Friday, January 7, 2005 at 7:12 am | Permalink