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Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity
“In doing some additional research, I’ve been looking at the root causes of ‘personal unproductivity’, and concluded there seem to be three:

  • Poor worktools and resources (inadequate, hard to use, hard to find what you need, over-engineered, poorly filtered, poorly formatted, poorly indexed, poorly summarized, poorly explained, poorly organized, and not adequately updated or regularly cleaned out)
  • Poor training: It’s not always possible to make the tools intuitive and simple, and put the content out just when and where it’s needed, so some training is needed, and it should ideally be personalized training in the context of how each individual worker employs the available tools and resources
  • Poor work habits: Even with the best tools and the best training, some people are just disorganized, sloppy, forgetful, uncommunicative, procrastinating, or lazy”