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E-research without discussion doesn’t help

E-research without discussion doesn’t help…this short article makes the important observation that “desk research divorced from discussion may be a bad idea in fast-moving fields”. As Doc Searls asserts in relation to news and journalism: “But it’s more than that. It’s the toppling of journalism on a pedestal. It’s the end of news as a lecture. It’s the death of one-way media. That is what anchors embodied. And that is what we, the people formerly known as viewers/listeners/readers in the audience, have rejected. We rejected the old system of trust: If we trusted the person, it was thought, then we trusted what he said. Anchors equaled automatic authority. But no more.”
As end users of learning, journalism, media, etc….we expect that our thoughts and reactions will somehow be filtered back into the original process. We are not entirely comfortable without a voice. We require the ability to debate, dialogue and interact.