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Information Routing

A critical softskill (often not focused on during the formal education process) is how to manage personal information. Information Routing touches on an emerging trend (evidenced through sites like furl and bloglines) that allows people to share their information sources through posting opml files, shared topics, shared folders, linksetc. Basically, we route information that we find valuable to others who share our interests. With email as a information sharing model, the knowledge trail disappeared once the recipient receives the email. Tools like blogging leave a firmer trail…but the information enters the vastness of the internet – rarely to be seen again. Shared information tools (i.e. Furl’s archives) seek to extend the connections that valuable information offers to people within a similar network. It’s still a very new concept…but I suspect the future of information management will rely more and more on trusting the information routing skills of others (it’s just getting to complex to do it all ourselves).