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Thwarted Innovation: What Happened to E-learning and Why

Thwarted Innovation: What Happened to E-learning and Why: ” The Thwarted Innovation report suggests that educational technology and e-learning have not delivered on the promise of revolutionizing the classroom and making higher education more profitable. It suggests that, despite the rapid growth in the US of online education, many teaching staff at colleges do not use innovative technology on their courses, and that not much benefit has been gained from the investment in educational technology.”
Comment: Elearning didn’t go bust…the hype about elearning did. The main conclusion of this report is a bit off: “elearning will be pervasive only when faculty change how they teach”. Elearning’s adoption is not driven by how people teach…it’s adoption derives from people’s need to stay current in a rapidly evolving information society.
People use elearning because of: 1) accessiblity to learning opportunities 2) increased effectiveness of learning (and costs). I’ve taken many online courses that were poorly taught…but they were accessible due to my schedule. Corporations often adopt elearning to increase the effectiveness of training several thousand employees quickly. I think that faculty will change how they teach once elearning is pervasive.