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Connected learning

Prediction (more of an extrapolation, actually): Of all the trends and activities in learning and technology fields, the exploration of networks and knowledge flow will pay the greatest dividends in improving individual and organizational learning. I’m surprised more effort isn’t being expended in this area. Managing the Connected Organization: “The knowledge economy operates on the complexities of connections. All individuals, communities, systems, and other business assets are massively interconnected in an evolving economic web. In the connected economy, each network actor (individual, team, or organization) is embedded in a larger economic system that affects each participant and, in return, is influenced by that participant. In such a connected system we can no longer focus on individual or single team performance. We must manage connected assets, not unconnected individuals.”


  1. e-Literate wrote:

    LTI Magazine - Rapid E-Learning: "Groundbreaking" New Research

    Here is a decent article with annoyingly hyperbolic title (which comes by way of elearnspace). Frankly, "rapid e-learning" (which is probably better titled "quick and dirty e-learning") is nothing new. In fact, my experience…

    Friday, July 2, 2004 at 6:27 pm | Permalink
  2. soulsoup wrote:

    Back in business

    Does this happen to you too? You are an addicted blogger. You take a short break (merely 4 days). You come back and your feed reader shows more than 100 unread posts and you feel totally lost as to where to begin! As mentioned earlier, I went to Kuala …

    Monday, July 5, 2004 at 3:54 am | Permalink
  3. Managing the Connected Organization

    From George Siemens, a link to a paper by Valdis Krebs on Managing the Connected Organization. This is a good primer on the value of connections in organisations, and particularly on how different patterns of connection and the degree of separation bet…

    Monday, July 12, 2004 at 7:58 pm | Permalink