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12 Principles of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the best learning tools available. Unfortunately, most online learning is “anti-storytelling”. Courses are often linear, facts-based transfer of knowledge (teacher to student). In storytelling, there is a oneness between the teacher, learner, and content. It’s dynamic, adjusting to changes in any of the three elements.

The technologies available to educators today are ideally suited for knowledge sharing via stories – blogs, wikis, simulations, forums, collaborative spaces, etc – we have an array of social tools available. My interest in social networking stems from its effectiveness as a storytelling process and medium – i.e. the ability to create shared experiences and connect speaker, listener and content. Here’s a simple set of 12 principles of storytelling that provides some helpful suggestions.


  1. soulsoup wrote:

    More Resources on storytelling

    12 Principles of Storytelling by Eric Miller. I like these two points most, where the storytelling takes a form of perspective contextual discussion and where every individual start (verbally or mentally) their form and flow of the story. A Storyteller…

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  2. 12 Principles of Storytelling

    12 Principles of Storytelling .

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