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Small Pieces Loosely Joined

I really like this idea: Small Pieces Loosely Joined “What we are trying to demonstrate is the power of using a discrete series of “small” often free/open source technologies in a loosely coupled fashioned, for use in education.”
Comment: This view of educational technology is much more palatable (to me at least!) than locked down “do-it-our-way” LMS’. If innovation is a function of variety and diversity, loosely connected tools will afford the greatest benefit to educators and learners.

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  1. SmallPiecesLooselyJoined: Oh my!

    Alan, Brian, and D’Arcy continue to Tour de EduTools with a combination real-time chat, wiki-interface, worldwide panels of expert eduBloggers, plus a Google bomb. These are crafty fellows. :P

    Focusing around a presentation they are doing in Vanc…

    Friday, May 28, 2004 at 7:01 pm | Permalink