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Learning Goes Mobile

Learning Goes Mobile: “Mobile learning gives the front-line workforce – such as a retail sales associate, soldier or cable repairman – the access to the critical information sources, learning materials and expertise to learn what they want, where they want, when they want.”
Comment: Aside from the very abused term “what, where, when” learning, this article does provide an overview how learning can be delivered through tools many people already have (PDA, cell phone). Being tethered to a computer to receive information doesn’t make sense. Information should be accessible to users in the format they need to do their work…they shouldn’t have to adjust their work to access information.

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  1. Mobile eLearning for Business

    Via elearnspace, “Learning Goes Mobile” describes a scenario that we may not describe as “eLearning”, but it really is. The article describes the use of mobile phones and PDA to access information about relevant business information — doing so through…

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