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Google Personalized

Google is now offering a new beta product: personalized search. According to the site: “Google Personalized web search delivers custom search results that are based on a profile you create describing your interests. For example, people with an interest in the outdoors will see different relevant sites for a search on “bass” than people who are interested in music. Google Personalized web search is currently available in test mode on Google Labs, where you can create and save your profile and see results tuned to your preferences. Your results can be instantly rearranged by dragging a slider at the top of the page to go from no personalization to full personalization or anywhere in between.”
Sounds interesting…but I have mixed feelings. Sometimes, when searching, I find information that I didn’t know I wanted. By defining a profile too narrowly, the serendipity of search is eliminated…but the added convenience of finding more targeted information is very valuable at other times. Same with privacy. Profile requirements are currently quite limited…but if Google develops it more, how valuable is a user’s search habits to the company?

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  1. gogle’s personalized ‘jewel’

    Google does it again. Like with many of the practical implementations in the search world, Google is first again. First in implementing it in real world, not necessarily in research. As far as research is concerned, personalized searches have been disc…

    Monday, March 29, 2004 at 9:27 pm | Permalink