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Online communities ‘are old-skool’

Online communities ‘are old-skool’: “‘Online communities are old-skool. The heat these days is around social networks, buddy lists &blogs — all bottom-up social tools that place the individual at the center, and grow outward from there. This is a very different design model than message boards, chat rooms and virtual worlds, which are virtual places where where like-minded people congregate.’”
Comment: Actually, online communities aren’t “old-skool”…just some of the tools used to create communities. Community creation and fostering is the end goal, now we have more social tools available (blogs, buddy lists) than we’ve had in the past (message boards, chat rooms).

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  1. KnowProSE wrote:

    Online Communities – ‘Old Skool’?

    I have to go with George on this one. I think that there are appropriate times/places for Online communities. Social networking? Go have a beer or two. Really. People interacting with people – no social networking software has really improved…

    Friday, March 12, 2004 at 4:09 am | Permalink