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Myths of Open Source

Myths of Open Source: “The arguments for and against open-source software get trivialized. It’s not a technology issue; it’s a business issue.”
Comments: I would extend that thought slightly – sometimes, open source is also an ethical issue…most of the time, however, it’s a world-view issue. If I adhere to central “command and control”, top-down viewpoints, proprietary software is attractive. If I believe in decentralized, collaborative, open environment, open source is attractive. These are, obviously, generalizations…but accurate enough to detail each camp. It’s important to note that it is not a money issue. I’m all for democracy and earning money. However, the only way to ensure that our future is democratic (and gives people the ability to innovate and create an income) is to preserve openness now. With that said, I’m not against proprietary software. If someone writes a program and wants to keep it “closed”, that’s their decision. Let the market decide…but don’t stack the market in favour of either one.