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Personal Knowledge Management

Dave Pollard’s on going discussion of howpersonal knowledge management should work…by duplicating much of how we shuffle papers and interact with our physical environment. I’ve come to view blogging as a personal knowledge management tool…and I prefer the opposite – less like my physical workspace, and more reliance on software tools to organize and search information. I frequently search my blog for links and resources. Better structure, filing, and cross-platform (i.e. functionality independent of opening a particular software tool as Dave proposes) are great for “right now” work…but most of my content is “back then”. I need a better “now” work environment…but more importantly, greater direct (not hierarchical) access to previous content.

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  1. Planet K wrote:

    Knowledge Management

    As a couple of us at work were discussing recently, “knowledge management” is an often over/mis-used term (although we admitted to being enamored with it). A couple of recent thoughts on the topic (pointed to by elearningspace) are: Pollard’s Principle…

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