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Fewer professors spend a full day on campus

I’ve lamented before that traditional education institutions are slow to respond to the fundamental shift that has occured in our needs as learners. Perhaps one group is responding even slower to the changes than institutions: The Professors: “The full-time tenured professor is becoming an endangered species. The reason: money. As universities drift away from the traditional model of the full-time professor, a cheaper alternative is taking their place – part-timers who often teach at several institutions.”
Right or wrong, this is a trend. Fighting it won’t work. Reshaping our role as educators will.

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  1. Situativity wrote:

    The threat to higher education

    elearnspace: Fewer professors spend a full day on campus Let’s face it, the current quality of college (especially undergraduate) education is lamentable, even with many “fulltime” professors. Is it possible that some classes might actually be improved…

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