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The bloated, dysfunctional world of Enterprise Solutions

The bloated, dysfunctional world of Enterprise Solutions: ” Does the industry really have the money to invest in bloated projects, implemented with non-productive technologies that are just not right for the job at hand? I think not. Why then, does it happen? My theory it has to do with the magic slogan “Enterprise Solution”. ”
This article is mainly focused on enterprise solutions outside of elearning…but with the projected hype of “entreprise-wide elearning”…we’ll encounter many similar situations. Connections should be separate from the thing they are connecting. This allows for modularization…and increased/decreased functionality based on the needs of the department/organization. Yet, enterprise level elearning solutions will continue to grow…at the expense of the tool needed for a particular task.

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  1. Taran wrote:

    People are caught up in the ‘More For Less’ of marketing instead of the realistic ‘More what I Need for Less’ requirement for plausible business.

    Pragmatism is lacking.

    Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 6:27 pm | Permalink