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Scout Portal Toolkit

Trying to wrap my mind around the role of this project: Scout Portal Toolkit “The Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT) allows groups or organizations that have a collection of knowledge or resources they want to share via the World Wide Web to put that collection online without making a big investment in technical resources or expertise.”


  1. Scott Leslie wrote:

    George, my take on SPT is that it is a technology for creating what used to be called “Subject Gateways,” (cf. for a comparison of a number of different types). These date back to the mid-to-late Nineties and were very much the product of the library world. SPT is a decent example of the breed, and the open source’d it which was nice. Joe Hart at Eastern Oregon University uses it to run the EduResources portal on Learning object and respoistory resources ( which is a good example of how it can be used. My impression is that it does live up to it’s claims of being fairly easy to use once installed.

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  2. The Scout Portal Toolkit

    I’m pleased to see the SPT getting some attention, as I mentioned in a previous posting about the new Guide to Institutional Repository Software ( the SPT is sometimes overlooked among more highly publicized tools

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  3. I agree with Scott Leslie’s comments about Scout Portal Toolkit being easy to install and use. One big deficiency at the moment is there’s no workflow engine. Also, unlike, if I understand its model correctly, the iVia system (see for details and link to a working site), the Scout Portal Toolkit does not go out and harvest Web sites for its resource editors to review and describe. I have version 1.2.3 of the Scout Portal Toolkit running on my British Columbia History Portal (, however, something went wrong with the install, possibly the database structure/table update wasn’t applied, so most of the site doesn’t work correctly. You can’t browse the taxonomy I developed for the site, but you can search for a database record (a resource in SPT language), just don’t click the Full Record link, instead, click the title URL which will take you to the site that’s described. The other interesting features of SPT are its support for RSS (version 0.92) and OAI metadata harvesting.

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