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Spinning Yarns

Spinning Yarns:
Quote: “Storytelling and dialogue is a part of every child’s life. From bedtime chronicles exploring the misadventures of fantastical creatures to the beginning mumblings of a toddler trying to explain her day, storytelling introduces children to the initial stages of communication and literacy, as well creating a bridge between the physical world and an imaginative one… This paper hypothesizes that online forums and virtual communities, including message boards, Weblogs and instant messaging software (IM), allow children important spaces to share ideas and feelings, discuss issues and projects, ask and answer each other’s questions, and promote a prosocial spirit.”
Comment: While this paper is an interesting read, I think it’s important for promoters of wikis, blogs, social software, etc. to start making a distinction between potential and actual use. The potential of blogs/wikis are that everyone has an equal voice, that ideas flow freely, and that we dialogue more effectively. The reality is that most people are too busy to maintain a blog, wikis are too open for most people to feel comfortable, and people have a strong individualistic component that needs to be considered when tools and programs for knowledge/idea sharing are planned.

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