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Content Packaging Report

Content Packaging Report: “An in-depth introduction to Content Packaging is now available on the TeleEducation NB web site. Content packaging refers to the packaging of learning objects into interoperable, distributable packages. This report defines content packaging and surveys available content packaging specifications, with particular focus on the IMS Content Packaging Specification.”

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  1. Jody Baty wrote:

    This was a good primer on the IMS content packaging specification. So much focus seems to have been placed lately on the meta-tagging specification, that this one seems to not have received the attention it deserves. In my mind, it is the PIF file that makes a learning object really reusable (i.e., plug and play directly into an LMS). There doesn’t seem to be many tools available that will create a PIF file learning object. Very few of the objects in either CAREO or MERLOT are available in PIF format. I’ve been using the Microsoft LRN product with a lot of success – although it’s certainly not perfect.

    If we’re just going to meta-tag for better search and retrieval, then why not just use Google? It’s not until we take the next step and create learning objects in a plug and play format (components rather than objects) that these things are going to be truly useful.

    My only criticism of this article is that there really aren’t any examples of how to actually package an object. The theory on how to do it is fine, but it would be more useful to have links to tools that can do what the article is proposing.

    Wednesday, December 17, 2003 at 6:39 pm | Permalink