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The Web: Design for Active Learning

I’ve linked to this before…it’s a great resource for people trying to grasp the uniqueness of the Internet in learning. It nicely condenses major theories and approaches. The Web: Design for Active Learning: “This handbook will present the idea of interactivity as it applies to a cohesive design including high interface, content, and instructional design.”


  1. KnowProSE wrote:

    Design for Active Learning

    Another great resource unearthed by George Siemens – elearnspace blog: The Web: Design for Active Learning. The link he posted is well well worth the read – and it’s actually timely considering a conversation I had today. This is a…

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    The Japanese maples are the only trees showing fall colors in this speck of Mediterranean climate on the shores of San Francisco Bay. Our weather confuses the plants into blooming and shedding leaves one species at a time. Transitions are slower here t…

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  3. The URL for the article: “The Web: Design for Active Learning” has changed to (

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