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eLearning in survival mode

eLearning in survival mode:
Quote: “Damien spoke about the preoccupation with ‘cool’ technology that puts coolness ahead of business benefits. This “technolust” has manifested itself in the appearance of every kind of eLearning product — few of which really served a real business purpose. At the end of the day, all learning needs to be strategic and transformational, learner-centered and focused on contributing to the business.”
Comment: The discussion is focused on corporate elearning…but elearning in the educational market faces similar “feature-itis” challenges. Just because we can do it (or a software program can) doesn’t mean that we should. Simple, social tools are most often the best choice for learners. This summary (by Jay Cross) of a conference presentation includes some nice ideas…and controversial statements, including: “(1) RLO’s [reusable learning objects] is a difficult concept to sell (b) complex object models can really slow development and (c) the technology is not available to really support this work. So, RLO’s are simply not worth the time/effort. ”

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  1. Taran wrote:

    Honestly, I see it all as evolution. Whatever works should be what is kept… unfortunately, whatever becomes *popular* will be kept.

    I think the problem is educators defining what they want, and therefore bringing what is *popular* to *what works*.

    Friday, November 21, 2003 at 12:29 am | Permalink