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Free Content Becoming Thing of the Past

Free Content Becoming Thing of the Past
Quote: “Just 18 months ago, the United Kingdom was the land of free online news: Readers surfed from site to site and read every word, searched every archive and subscribed to every news alert — all for free.
Now everyone’s charging for something: With ad sales producing nowhere near the revenues needed to support news sites, every major newspaper site in Britain has decided it’s time to bolster sagging income by charging for content.”
Comment: Businesses and content producers have every right to charge for content. Consumers have every right to get their content from other sources. Payment for content is a difficult business model because of the mindset of Web users: It’s all free and it’s a click away. We are conditioned, after a decade of surfing, to acquire content for free. The economics of the Internet require awareness of existence and linking. Paid content excludes this.
I believe that a for-payment Internet model will emerge…but the group able to charge for content will be very small and exclusive. The rest of us will continue to bang out our thoughts and views in our blogs…