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Managing the Synchronous Blend

Managing the Synchronous Blend: “New conventional wisdom tells us that the best programs are comprised of a blend of various learning technologies. Blending technologies that take advantage of learning styles, learner convenience, and instructional design best practices enable the developer to create programs that engage the learner and maximize learning retention. For this reason, mixing the best blend of learning technologies is a critical success factor in creating effective online learning environments.”

One Comment

  1. Brian Alger wrote:

    After developing some familiarity with tools the learner, not the instructional designer, will ultimately determine the right blend.

    The underlying assumptions in this article seems to stem from very traditional notions of course delivery and curriculum design. We might characterize curriculum and instructional design as a kind of push technology. Pushing tool sets at people doesn’t fundamentally change the design. We could say the same thing about pencils, pens, crayons – these are also technological tools that we can build a blend with but not really alter the context that they are used in any meaningful way.

    Simply changing the tools around the same old thing is not likely to have much of an effect in the long run.

    Friday, October 31, 2003 at 12:18 am | Permalink