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Corporate memory – the hard way

Corporate memory – the hard way
Quote: “Many dollars have been invested, many organizations have egg on their collective faces, many repositories lie unused, shunned by novices and experts alike and yet there are more KM projects starting each day with the same vision / mission and yet another dream.”
Comment: Nice thoughts on why knowledge management is generally not working well. I think one of the biggest problem relates to the lack of clarity on the part of the KM initiators. Why are you starting a project? What do you want to achieve?
A KM strategy that starts at an executive level, and is marketed with executive interests, will have little appeal to the “end user”. Much like my concerns with LMS’, KM tools are geared to the interests of the wrong group of people.
An LMS is a teacher’s tool. What learners need is a learning tool. KM is geared to corporate interests…what employees want is a tool that lets them better perform their work (without intrusive additions to existing routines).