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Innovation Freaks?

Seb points to this quote by Tom Peters: “Innovation is easy. Hang out with freaks.” Innovation is a fringe element concept. The cool stuff in any organization is always happening in the outer limits…the small cubicles…the test labs…the dimly lit coffee tables. Mainstream is boring…and it should be. There is too much room for an organization to miscalculate when playing with innovation.

In regards to innovation, the organization needs to learn how to listen to the fringe…and give ideas an environment to flourish on there own – no unnecessary pressure to live/die. If the idea has merit…and it meets someone’s needs…and the organization isn’t hindering its development – the idea will grow on its own. If it’s a poor idea (either in concept or timing)…and the organization doesn’t hasten its “death” or force its adoption…then the idea will disappear on its own. But it never hurts to hang out with the passionate freaks. It’s much more fun on the fringe…