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Ice Machines, Steamboats, and Education

Ice Machines, Steamboats, And Education:Structural Change And Educational Technologies (.pdf) via Distance-Educator
Quote: “Every revolutionary technology starts with a wimper. It’s full revolutionary bang is realized only later after fundamental structural changes are made to accomodate the new technology.”
Comment: After detailing how various new technologies have been adopted in the past, the author makes a similar case for the adoption of technology in learning…and then moves into a series of predictions or “Dreams of Transformed Education”.

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  1. Ed Tech Dev wrote:

    Ice Machines, Steamboats, and Education

    Bob Tinker, head of the Concord Consortium, has an paper (PDF) entitled “Ice Machines, Steamboats, and Education: Structural Change and Educational Technologies.” He discusses changing trends in education and technology, and, in an interesting twist, d…

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