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Vendors Wanted: Elearning Marketplace

Over the last year, I’ve received many emails from vendors who would like to have their company listed on the elearnspace site. In response, I’ve created an Elearning Marketplace. It’s an area where a vendor (any producer of products or provider of services related to elearning) can create an account, put up an information page and make themselves accessible to potential customers.

So, if you’re a vendor, head over to the site…setup and account, etc. I have a sample page and guidelines available.

Once a reasonable amount of vendors have signed up, I’ll begin to promote it more to potential customers. For now, it’s in beta. I still have to make some changes before it’ll be more usable. Should be ok for vendors to get their information into for now.

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  1. Rohini wrote:

    Brainvisa Technologies specializes in end-to-end e-Learning solutions. We provide high quality, cost effective e-Learning solutions for leading corporations, publishers and educational institutions. Our comprehensive set of solutions includes Custom Courseware Development, Courseware Conversion services and Custom e-Learning Solutions.

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